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For years, we have been all chosen beds primarily for comfort. We all know our body needs good support, especially our lower back, but for some reason many "hope that somehow it all happens".

Limited thought is usually given, to what impact the construction of the mattress might have on our body's overall health. (Most consumers don't even know the basic details of the elements used in the construction of their mattress let alone whether such construction is able to provide natural body alignment without high pressure spots and related stresses).

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At Health Beds International, our bed designer Mario Piraino a Structural Engineer, has worked for many years with Academics at public Universities in Australia, performing pioneering research and study , to develop an exclusive line of health beds that combine the classic desire for a comfortable bed with one that also provides the quality of body alignment that is essential for the good health of our human bodies.

When a Bed is Something More

A bed is a ‘support structure’ – supporting us in 3 dimensional spaces and transferring the weight of our body to the floor.

The Caption: ERGO~posture – designed in accordance with "The Scientific Theory of Structures" are the only beds that can provide near-natural body alignment, lower support pressures, and lower stresses – all essential to better health.

Using basic principles from ‘the Scientific Theory of Structures’, Mario Piraino has developed new technology, which when applied to the design of the supportive elements in mattresses/beds, produce a quality of natural body alignment not matched by any other bed manufacturer in the world. This technology has been patented and we are the only manufacturer licensed to use it worldwide.

Good body alignment is crucial if the human body is to gain quality rest and rejuvenation during sleep. And though proper alignment is promised by nearly all bed manufacturers, it rarely if ever happens. That is because ‘Conventional Beds’ compress in proportion to a body’s WEIGHT therefore they DISTORT the body, restrict blood flow and produce tiredness, morning stiffness and even pain.

On the other hand, HEALTH beds are ‘designed and engineered to compress closely to a body’s SHAPE’

Therefore they produce BETTER body alignment, reduced support pressure, as well as improved blood flow, reduced snoring, better body rest, health and wellbeing.

This is NOT an opinion. It has been proved by Scientific studies at Australian Universities.

"ERGO~posture " is the first and ONLY bed range with features capable of producing ‘natural body alignment’ and therefore proper bed rest!

Who says so? – Independent Scientific Testing !!

Further, with most models in the Ergo~posture ranges, natural body alignment can be varied and adjusted independently by each partner – on their side of the bed. To our knowledge, only 1 other bed manufacturer in Europe provides some of these features.

"The Couples’ Bed" the ultimate in sleeping quality for ‘each partner’ offering individual body alignment controls and comfort choice.

Scientific Basis of our Health Beds

There is unanimous agreement amongst health professionals, the bedding industry and consumers – that for optimal bed rest the human body must be supported in its ‘natural alignment’ during sleep.

For this to occur, the mattress must compress like this:

GST Free Health Beds

When considering ‘How to make a mattress compress with this shape/form, Prof N. Haritos of Melbourne University Dep’t of Engineering concluded:

"No mattress/bed construction with a flat surface and near uniform firmness can by itself be capable of supporting the human body in a near orthopedically correct (zero stress) posture. To do so, it needs a soft zone under the shoulder and a very firm, narrow zone placed directly under the spinal arch."

Conventional beds are uniform and DO NOT satisfy these requirements

The normal bed that you are currently sleeping on, as well as those ‘endorsed’ or those labelled ‘orthopaedic’, – are actually usually uniform in firmness from head to toe, so instead of a promoting increased health while you sleep they –

  • Build up high pressure spots, which restrict your blood flow
  • Cause great distortion at the shoulder, neck and lower back – in fact the spinal arch is not supported but collapses and becomes flat.

All ERGO~POSTURE beds satisfy this requirement and more, consequently:

  • reduce high pressure spots – thus improving blood flow which is so important in achieving true body rest
  • reduce the distortion of the body – bringing it closer to ‘natural alignment’

It is because of this superior technology and effectiveness that our range of ERGOposture health beds have been classified as ‘Medical Aids’ and can be thus called "HEALTH BEDS"

For more information on our products, to find out about our GST Free Beds, or to see results from our scientific studies contact us on 1800 185 185 or reach us online here .